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John Birchall b 1887
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Thank you for visiting my genealogy site.  Herein is contained information about the BIRCHALL family  history from about 1780 onwards in and around the area of Rivington, Lancashire.  Related families are also included.

This data is continually  revised and therefore the LATEST research,  available as a GEDCOM download (see below), should be referenced not the ‘Index of Names’. GEDCOM  files can be imported into most genealogical software.

The ‘Index of  Names’ data can, however,   be used as a guide to Surname interests . Please be aware that this data will not be updated on a regular basis,  it contains no research citations and  known errors will remain included.  

Many  thanks to those who have e-mailed me since 1998 with information and pictures now contained within this web site.  

I am grateful for contributions from neighbours in the U.S.A. who have drawn attention to the importance of Ellis Island, “the island of tears”, which was a ‘reception centre’ for immigrants into the U.S. in the Victorian era.

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Many thanks


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John Birchall b 1923

Mildred Ingley b 1925

Elsie Pimbley b 1896

Isaac Ingley b 1898

William Suggett b 1864

Sarah Bridge b 1865

Percy Pimbley b 1890

Kenneth Birchall b 1918

Sarah A Suggett b 1890

John Robert Pimbley b 1860

Elizabeth Greenhalgh b 1862

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